Email security and training

Stop phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, spam and enhance Office 365 email security.

Email security and training

Stop advanced email threats and prevent data loss with advanced email security

Email is the leading attack vector for security breaches, yet despite attacks like ransomware having such a high profile in the media, there's no sign of its successfulness slowing down. Sophisticated criminals are utilising phishing techniques to infiltrate business networks, infect organisations with malicious software, and even steal data. It’s vital that your organisation can protect against the threat of email cybercrime, and that means creating a two-fold defence that combines machine learning with human intuition.

Prodec’s suite of email security services combines IT security tools from award-winning manufacturers such as Cisco, Fortinet and Mimecast, with employee awareness training so that your organisation can stay protected from the all-too-common threat of email-borne cyberattacks.

Protect your business with Prodec Networks

Prodec Networks has carefully selected a range of email security products from best-of-breed cybersecurity providers to enable users to communicate securely and combat Business Email Compromise.

Fortinet - FortiMail

Fortinet - FortiMail

FortiMail is a proven, best-in-class secure email gateway solution used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide to protect well over a hundred million mailboxes. FortiMail has been independently validated for high catch-rates, leading accuracy and excellent overall security efficacy by testing firms.

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Cisco Email Security

Cisco Email Security provides layers of protection against business email compromise and defends against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware. Cisco Email Security has robust data loss prevention and content encryption capabilities to safeguard sensitive information.

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Fantastic Support, Great Feature Set

“We were receiving high numbers of unwanted email through O365 and even after applying filtering rules was unable to quarantine or block SPAM and phishing attempts. Since the implementation of FortiMail we not only have much more visibility of organisation email, unwanted, high-risk emails are now being filtered.”

IT Services Manager, Education <5,000 Employees

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Video: Shift to Proactive Security

See how Fabric-enabled Email Security from Fortinet not only stops advanced email attacks, but also moves the entire organization to a more proactive security posture.

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Video: Protect users from email threats

See how Cisco's multi-layer approach to security keeps attackers out of your users’ inboxes.

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Enhance email security for Office 365

Gain a robust layer of defence against ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and more. See why Cisco Email Security and Office 365 are better together.

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Related Services

Training and simulated phishing

Training and simulated phishing

Prodec has partnered with KnowBe4 to deliver managed email security awareness and training programs. These can help your teams understand the threat of email crime and identify emails that are potentially malicious in nature. Learn more about the service and how to make sure your employees are “clickclever” below.

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The benefits of email security

Broad threat protection

Protection against common email-borne risks such as ransomware, social engineering, spear phishing, malware and internal threats.

Always-on connectivity

Cloud-managed email security is always on, ensuring protection from email-borne threats around the clock, with minimal management required.

Create a final line of defence

Employee security awareness exercises reduce the threat of phishing and social engineering.

Enable productivity and mobility

Reduce the amount of undesirable emails ending up in your inboxes, while ensuring your email remains secure when accessing from any location.

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