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IT security solutions designed to deter, prevent, detect and correct modern network security threats.

IT security. Simple design, powerful protection

The need to protect your organisation from increasingly malicious and complex cyber threats has never been greater. The evolving digital workplace has created an expanded attack surface that requires multiple new levels of protection to ensure the integrity and reputation of your business remains safe from harm. 

Prodec Networks partners with class-leading manufacturers of security technology in order to design, install, manage and support multi-layered security architectures that are streamlined and synchronised to protect the entirety of your network and data. 

How secure is your business IT?

Prodec Networks will work with you to identify potential risks and areas of weakness within your network's security. One of our security experts will then help you to build a robust defense strategy against cyber threats.

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Multi-layered security for the modern workplace

Traditional security architectures can be extremely difficult to manage and may prove ineffective when faced with advanced cybersecurity threats. You can achieve a far superior level of protection by streamlining and synchronising the multiple layers of security your business requires.

Prodec Networks integrate technologies to create a security fabric that can be easily managed using a single console. This provides broad visibility and protection across your organisations potential attack surface and reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple security products.

Prodec's security fabric includes the following elements:

IT security - Fortinet Next generation firewalls

Next generation firewalls

Protect your network from advanced threats with high-performance next-generation firewalls from industry leading manufacturers, including Cisco, Fortinet and Palo Alto.

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IT security - An employee despairs at a malware invasion

Advanced malware protection

Stop sophisticated attacks and protect your business from breaches and data loss, with advanced malware detection, blocking and sandboxing.

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IT security - An employee monitors cloud based applications

Cloud security

Securely access the internet and gain visibility and threat detection for all of your cloud based applications and services, including Office 365.

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IT security - An employee uses a mobile device on a secure network

Endpoint security

Securely connect devices across your entire network with advanced endpoint protection designed to prevent malware and successful cyberattacks.

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IT security - An employee receives email security training

Email security & training

Protect your users from email threats and educate them on the telltale signs of ransomware and phishing, with a multilayer approach to email security.

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IT security - An employee controls the company network security

Monitoring, reporting and alerting

Implement a single monitoring point that delivers a full view of your network, enabling you to simplify management and gain greater control of your network security.

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Prodec Networks' security partnerships include

It's time to discover how secure your network really is

Prodec Networks can conduct a thorough IT Security Review which examines your network traffic and then generates a comprehensive report. This free review will allow you to discover the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities in your security.

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