Why huddle spaces are rapidly gaining popularity in the modern workplace


Lee Ellams


12 Jun, 2019



Colleagues use StarLeaf in a huddle room

Modern office spaces are transforming. Many businesses are choosing to rip out desk barriers, cubicles and traditional meeting rooms in order to create friendlier, more open, and more collaborative environments for their workforce.

This trend comes at a time when workforces are going through a transition of their own. Technology is enabling people to work with greater levels of freedom and agility, resulting in teams becoming increasingly mobile and more widely dispersed. This has led to a sudden rise in employees demanding more access to meeting spaces which allow them to collaborate with their team. In fact, a recent study conducted by Nemertes shows that employee demand is the main driver for more meeting space deployments in the modern workplace.

However, with the once abundant meeting space now scarce in modern office environments, teams are finding it increasingly difficult to collaborate away from the many distractions the open office creates. So how can you stop these factors from becoming serious barriers to the collaboration efforts you’re trying to facilitate?

The answer is simple. Huddle spaces.

The huddle space is an ideal solution which addresses these challenges and more. With a huddle space, employees can simply get together, head to the designated space and easily connect and collaborate with colleagues, no matter where they’re located.

These compact, technology-enabled spaces are perfectly designed to allow small groups of five or fewer people to collaborate with ease. They’re affordable, easy to implement and help to significantly boost the productiveness of your users. They allow businesses of every size to gain greater levels of agility and help teams make important decisions - faster.

Huddle spaces are most effective when they include high-quality conferencing software and devices, which are easy and intuitive to use and enable people to easily connect with remote teams. 

The best huddle technologies, such as Cisco’s range of huddle solutions, now also include artificial intelligence and provide features such as face detection, people count, and advanced analytics. As the cost of office space continues to rise, so too does the value of these tools which can provide insights into how space is used. The intelligence gathered from huddle technology can be used to check that the correct number of meeting spaces have been provided to meet the demand of users, without wasting unnecessary space and budget.

Huddle spaces deliver so many benefits, whatever the reason for their recent rise in popularity across businesses of every kind, when technology is used to increase productivity and create dynamic, collaborative work environments, huddle rooms will always reach their full potential. So don't delay, embrace the huddle and discover their value today. You won't regret it. 

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