The A-V guide to the Modern Meeting Room




15 May, 2018



Your meeting spaces are capable of being so much more than a phone in the middle of the table. However, with so many technologies available, it can be tough to know where to start. Here’s our A-V guide of Audio Visual technologies and concepts that transform meeting rooms into productivity and collaboration rooms.

A is for Avocor

Avocor manufactures a range of interactive panels designed to enhance the meeting space by enabling smart and fluid collaboration. These affordable tools are great for businesses looking to improve their collaboration and communication capabilities with local and remote meeting recipients.

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B is for Board rooms

While great for board-level meetings, these rooms also often act as showcase areas when important customers or partners visit premises. As such, the most successful board rooms are impressive spaces with high levels of investment. Technology needs to be unobtrusive, simple to use, and bespoked so that they work perfectly for these unique spaces.

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C is for Cisco Webex Board

If you’re a Cisco house, it’s going to be difficult to beat the Cisco Webex Board (formerly Cisco Spark) and its accompanying productivity applications. With all-in-one video, voice and data collaboration available within one interactive whiteboard, this impressive tool is shaping the future of business collaboration.

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D is for Data collaboration

Creating a stage to share data such as documents or video with the right people is critical for collaboration. This may be achieved with physical hardware such as interactive screens to present locally, or virtual meeting room tools that allow files to be shared, viewed and annotated on together in real time from anywhere.

E is for Effortless communication

What’s your poison? Video, voice, email or IM? Regardless of your preferred method of business communication, a Modern Meeting Room is always host to appropriate communications tools that allow your teams to collaborate in the most suitable way for the task at hand.f

F is for Flexible Working

Modern Meeting Rooms support flexible and agile working initiatives by making it easier for your remote workers to stay in touch with HQ, be more engaged with team sessions, and remain part of your business culture without having a physical presence in the office.

G is for Generate ROI

Your Modern Meeting Rooms provide ROI in a number of ways. Meetings are quicker to start, resulting in less down time and efficiency gains. Your interactive screens make collaboration more effective and engaging, resulting in productivity gains. You can also lower travel expenses by reducing the need to travel to meetings.

H is for Huddle rooms

These small and intimate spaces are great for less formal meetings and as communications hubs. If you haven’t thought about converting some of your office space into these highly productive environments, now’s your chance!

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I is for Interactive screens

The centrepiece of your modern meeting room, interactive screens are an integral part of the modern meeting room. These tools allow you to successfully present to a group, collaborate as a team, video conference or simply share screens with external recipients. Higher-end models even have built-in video and audio tools so you don’t need separate hardware in your rooms.

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J is for Join from anywhere

Today’s meetings don’t have to take place with everybody in the same room. With collaboration and unified communications applications and tools available, your meeting recipients can “dial in” from their desk, from home, or even on the road, meaning they can be just as involved as if they were in the room.

K is for Kickstart your meetings

Too many meetings have fallen victim to slow set-ups caused by difficult-to-use meeting room technologies or overly complicated video conferencing tools that don’t integrate effectively. These issues can be a thing of the past with the right tools in place – modern collaboration vendors such as StarLeaf and Barco are making meeting set-ups quick, simple, and effective.

L is for Latency removal

Latency in video is a no-no. Today’s market-leading video collaboration tools have removed the delay associated with historic video conferencing tools and replaced it with high-definition video and audio that allows long-distance face to face collaboration to happen with ease.

M is also for Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub is an all in one multi-touch screen solution that enables people, groups and organisations to connect, communicate and collaborate with ease. With its built-in computer, sensors, mics, camera, and a custom version of Windows 10, the Microsoft Surface Hub is a fully integrated business collaboration tool designed to accelerate team productivity and innovation in meetings.

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N is for Network

Ensuring your network can support your collaboration tools is vital for creating successful meeting spaces. Consider how your wireless is set up for employees and guests, whether you have enough bandwidth for demanding applications and tools, and any impact your new equipment could have on security.

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O is for Outstanding User Experience

Meeting room technology needs to be simple to use, and you’ll see an increase in uptake as a result. Meeting room tools such as wireless presenting, one-click video calls and easy to use phone systems create outstanding user experiences resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

P is for Presenting without wires

Wireless presentation tools such as Barco ClickShare and SolsticePod allow anybody to connect their devices to a large screen without having to mess around with cables or adaptors. It’s never been easier for teams to present their work to stakeholders, whether they’re present locally or remotely.

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Q is for Quality of Service

Meeting room tools have historically been of a poor quality. They’ve had trouble integrating, have been difficult to use, and have resulted in slow meeting set-up, connection issues, low-quality video and productivity losses. Modern Meeting Rooms offer a range of technologies that throw these issues to the gutter and replace them with reliable tools that provide an excellent QoS for data, voice and video collaboration.

R is for Reserva

Ever got to a meeting room only to find somebody’s hijacked your room? Reserva battles this problem by making it clear which rooms aren’t available and who they’ve been booked by. Reserva displays this information on panels outside each room and integrates with calendar tools so there’s no confusion.

S is for StarLeaf

StarLeaf delivers simple-to-use, high quality video and voice collaboration solutions that work from any location or device that has the StarLeaf application installed. Its dedicated meeting room systems allow for scaled up video conferencing as well as integration with third party applications such as Skype for Business.

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S is also for SMART

SMART is one of the leading manufacturers of interactive screens for businesses, and for good reason. These widely popular screens range in size, complexity and price, ensuring there’s a display from SMART perfect for any situation.

T is for Telephony

Sometimes the most effective means of communication is a simple phone call, but it’s vital you do keep it simple. Utilising the same phone system in your meeting rooms as your desk phones ensures taking a call from a meeting room doesn’t require additional training and is just as effective as calling from the desk.

U is for Unified Communications

UC tools combine a range of communications tools such as voice, video and IM, and integrate them into one platform that allows for a flow of communication across a range of devices. Users using your UC platform are accessible from any location, making collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and customers simple and effective.

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V is for Video collaboration

And last, but by no means least, V is for Video Collaboration. Today’s leaders of video collaboration solutions provide businesses with high quality, easy to use tools that integrate with other communications tools and network devices with ease.

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The Modern Meeting Room

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