Remove the pressures of managing your networks.

With over 20 years of network experience, it’s no wonder why many of the UK’s leading businesses trust Prodec Networks to design, implement and support their IT networks. Well designed, reliable and secure managed network solutions are vital to ensure the success of your business, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your IT network is in reliable hands.

Prodec Networks offers a wide portfolio of network services to ensure that its clients are making the most out of their network. Regardless of whether you simply require a specific piece of networking hardware or equipment, or are planning a network refresh, virtualisation project, implementation of a communications system or even a new network installation, Prodec Networks can help. 


Prodec's network services include: 


Prodec provides innovative and proven technologies to ensure you're "always on". Find out more about Prodec's connectivity solutions.

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)

Prodec Networks has installed a number of standards-based structured cabling environments for businesses of varying sizes. Whether it's a complete new installation or simply patch lead supply, Prodec Networks can help.

Unified Communications

Prodec's Unifed Communications solutions allow you to integrate your communication services and see greater productivity throughout your organisation. Connect people, information and teams to help enhance collaboration through greater comprehension.

Wireless Networks

A great wireless network consists of a lot more than just a simple WiFi connection. Prodec provides a range of wireless network services to ensure your network has good security and coverage, and is optimised and ready for future growth.

Network Security

Prodec provides network security software and hardware solutions ranging from cloud backup & control to next generation firewalls (NGFW), authentication technologies and endpoint protection.

Secure Remote Access

Ensure your employees can connect to your network securely regardless of their location with remote access technology from Prodec Networks.

Hardware Supply

Prodec specialises in providing and sourcing new or refurbished network hardware to ensure your network stays as healthy as possible.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring systems ensure network faults are identified and can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Prodec can provide network monitoring solutions as part of a fully integrated solution or on their own.

LAN and WAN Services

Prodec can install local or wide area networks to ensure your hardware and technology is available to your employees or customers around the clock.

Network Support Services

For information on Prodec's network support capabilities please view the Network Support page.


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