Deter, prevent, detect and correct network security threats with Prodec Networks.

Prodec’s experienced security team provides businesses with network infrastructures capable of protecting their data from malicious attacks. Prodec Networks protects businesses across the UK by supplying, installing and supporting multi-layer network security solutions that prevent security threats from becoming security problems.

By partnering with a range of industry leading security vendors specialising in protecting different attack vectors, Prodec can provide a wide portfolio of network security software and hardware capable of protecting your network from external and internal threats. Supported security vendors include SentinelOne, Palo Alto Networks, Watchful Software, Fortinet, and Cisco.

For the full list of Prodec Networks partners, please click here.

Fortinet cyber threat assessment

Prodec’s network security solutions include:

Endpoint Security

Malicious behaviour-predicting platforms that leave traditional AV solutions dead in the water.

Data Security

Secure data encryption and data protection solutions that prevent data leakage and avoid data theft from internal or external threats.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Add necessary protection against today’s modern threat environment by implementing a Next Generation Firewall solution from Prodec.

Web Application Security

Protection of your websites and web applications from common threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, DDoS, and even web form spam.

Simulated Phishing and Email Security Awareness

Put your employees to the test with customisable simulated phishing attacks and follow up with security awareness training. How #clickclever is your organisation?

Cloud Security

Detect and assess the risk of all of your cloud-based applications and govern user and policy enforcement to ensure cloud application and data remain secure.

If you’re looking for an overarching security solution or simply looking to update or improve a specific section of your security infrastructure, Prodec can help. Simply get in touch with a security representative for professional advice and quotations on Prodec’s network security solutions.

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