Prodec Networks takes a consultative approach when offering support for a wide range of legacy systems, to ensure optimum service is delivered.

While new technology continues to evolve, proven legacy solutions continue to work quietly behind the scenes, powering leading global enterprises.

By taking a consultative approach when supporting legacy systems, Prodec can ensure the correct service is delivered that supports your exact business goals and requirements.

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Many businesses have substantial investments in legacy software or hardware that, although no longer supported by the vendor, is still vital to the continued operation of the business. However, managing legacy systems does present a number of challenges for businesses, as running costs are often inflated, and maintaining security can be difficult. Talk to Prodec Networks to find out more.

Unsure what to do with redundant legacy IT equipment?

Prodec Networks can dispose of your redundant IT hardware for you. Prodec takes away the hassle associated with IT disposal and provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that the disposal of their redundant IT equipment is being well managed and is properly retired.

Replacing a legacy system is often deemed too risky, as it creates potential risk of business interruption. For businesses wishing to prolong the life of a legacy system, Prodec specialises in legacy support, and in finding spare or replacement parts, which avoids the costs associated with having to replace the entire system.

Alternatively, Prodec Networks has the expertise and experience to assist users who are choosing to modernise their system, by migrating their business functionality onto newer platforms or systems.

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