Prodec Networks provides secure, scalable and cost effective cloud services, designed around your business.

84% of organisations in the UK have adapted some form of cloud based or hosted service*, and for good reason. Cloud technology is driving change within businesses, by allowing for increased flexibility, scalability, consistency and security, which in turn results in increased workforce productivity, better cost management, and even improved customer engagement. If you're looking to implement a new cloud-based environment, thinking of migrating your hosted applications to a new provider, searching for disaster recovery support or improving a pre-existing cloud infrastructure, Prodec Networks can help.


Prodec's cloud services include:

Private Cloud

Built to scale with your business, and backed by a 99.99% up-time guarantee; a dedicated private cloud managed and hosted by Prodec Networks is designed and implemented to suit your specific business needs.

Prodec's private clouds are built on world class technologies to provide ultimate performance, security and reliability. Prodec's cloud services are hosted on datacentres based solely in the UK, each managed by passionate and professional teams of directly employed engineers.

To learn more, contact one of Prodec's cloud experts today.


Hybrid Cloud

For some businesses the best suited network infrastructure could be a blend of both a cloud and onsite deployments, enabling your business to reap the benefits of both environments whilst avoiding any shortfalls of either. Hybrid cloud is ideal for customers looking to supplement their on-premise infrastructure with off-premise resources. Prodec Networks will work with you to build and tailor your own bespoke hybrid cloud business environment, providing the right support for your mission-critical and day to day enterprise requirements.

Prodec’s hybrid cloud allows your business to introduce new functionality quickly, offering simple management, constant availability, world class security and the ability to scale up or down in line with your requirements.

If hybrid cloud is the right cloud technology solution for you, or if you want to find out more about how it can improve your network capability, Prodec’s dedicated team of experts are here to help - simply get in touch.


Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktops enable your employees to access their entire work computing requirements at anytime, from anywhere, on any device by hosting your OS on a virtual machine. Prodec Networks provides end to end solutions for fast, flexible and resilient hosted desktops. Prodec operates from three modern datacentres that are all based in the UK. This guarantees data sovereignty, and means that Prodec's cloud services are designed to ensure the highest levels of security and availability.

Avoid expensive, labour intensive hardware and software updates associated with physical desktops. Start enjoying the flexibility, reliability and security that hosted desktops offer. Contact Prodec Networks today to discover why hosted desktops are right for you and your business.


Application Hosting

Prodec Networks provides fully-managed application hosting services that enable you to utilise your applications easily and securely in the cloud.

Prodec's application hosting services provide you with ultimate availability and flexibility, providing secure access to business applications from anywhere in the world. These cloud hosting services enable you to meet the potential growth of your business with seamless upgrades and scalability.

If you are looking for reliable, cost effective application hosting for your business, Prodec Networks is the perfect choice.


Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony and VoIP solutions use the internet to deliver feature rich collaboration and communication tools to businesses, enabling users to communicate more effectively regardless of their physical location.

Prodec's flexible cloud services are designed to maximise the full value of hosted telephony, helping you to lower costs and streamline your methods of communication. With a hosted telephony platform from Prodec Networks, you will be provided with a range of high quality, resilient telephony solutions that are fully scalable and quick to deploy.

If you're looking to move your telephony to the cloud, or looking to implement similar flexible working technology, Prodec Networks is the perfect choice for ensuring you take advantage of all the benefits that hosted telephony can offer.

*SOURCE: Cloud Industry Forum 2015

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